Isa Masih - April 1999

Editorial: From the Empty Way

Using the Qur'an in Evangelism
Does the Bible predict Muhammad?
Jesus in the Qur'an
Word of Life Correspondence Course
The Archeological Case against Islam
Islamic Fightback
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Isa Masih - July 1998

Editorial: Qur'an - from History to Myth

Reading the Qur'an
Your Bible has been corrupted?
Principal UK Muslim Groups
Principal UK Muslim Periodicals
Problems with the Qur'an
The Leicester Debate
News from the Muslim World
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Isa Masih - October 1997

Editorial: Truth that Offends

The Wright-Wilson Debate
Muslim Misconceptions of Christianity
News from the Muslim World
Friendship Evangelism
Relating to Muslim Women
Ever thought of Learning Arabic?
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Isa Masih - May 1997

Editorial: Missionary Methods - St. Paul's or ours?

Jesus Film best-seller in Cairo
Public Meetings
Minarets rise over Britain
The Muslim Parliament
The growth of Islam
Christian misconceptions about Islam
Difficult Questions?
Fears over Muslim attacks
Tottenham Ayatollah?
Weaknesses of Islam
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Isa Masih - January 1997

Editorial - Open Doors

Muslims come to Christ
English opens the door
Evangelism Among Muslims
Apologetics on the internet
News from the Muslim world
'Soul-Giver' murdered
'Rally for Revival' Cancelled
Christ or culture?
Muslim beliefs
Five Pillars of Christianity?
Western converts to Islam
More Like Jesus
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Isa Masih July 1996 - Contents


Surging Interest in Bible vs Qur'an
Islam in Britain
Kalim Siddiqui Dies
Myths about Muslim witness
Ten Commandments
Muslim beliefs
The Five pillars of Islam
More like Apollos
Into debate: Christian suspicions unfounded
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