Latest Internet Action

Over 7,500 people have so far visited the Isa Masih website. We continue to recommend Answering Islam and the Debate site as the most comprehensive resources available for a Christian response to Islam on the net.

The web is also an excellent resource for Bible Study materials with much rare literature now accessible to anyone with a modem and the patience to look.

One of the best avenues for Christian literature resources on the web is the Bible Gateway. Also well worth a look are Christian Reference and the Resource Pages for Biblical Studies

A comprehensive defence of the reliability of the New Testament documents and a full catalogue of New Testament Papyri and Codices are also available on line.

New E-mail discussion group

A new email discussion group is being set up for Christian students concerned for Muslims. This will allow interchange for prayer requests, news, encouragements and discussion of Muslim apologetics. If you would like to be included, please contact

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