About Isa Masih

Isa Masih is a thrice-yearly magazine for Christian students who are concerned for the world of Islam. The title is an adaptation of the Arabic for 'Jesus the Messiah'. We bring you news updates from the Muslim world and resources for Christian students who are working towards bringing the good news of Jesus the Messiah to Muslims in universities and other tertiary institutions worldwide.

It is our hope and prayer that in studying these pages Christian students will be better informed about Islam and better prepared to give an account of their faith to Muslim friends and classmates.

Muslims are also welcome to read these pages and respond to the material posted here. We pray that through these pages those who are sincerely seeking after the truth will come to know God himself through Jesus Christ.

A fuller version of the magazine is available by post. For details, send your name, address, church and pastor's name to webmaster@cmf.org.uk

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