004-Re: Who Hijacked Islam?! by Baba Ali Peace/Violence in Islam

Jay Smith

Published on Oct 13, 2006 by Pfander Films

Baba Ali believes there is a conspiracy in the West against Islam, trying to paint it as a violent religion. He wants us to look at himself and other peaceful Muslims as the best examples of true Islam. Two problems: Look at the world today and you will find most Muslim countries are involved with violence, and it is neither he nor any other Muslim who can claim to be the paradigm for Islam. To find true Islam you have to go to the Qur’an (and the traditions), best modelled by the Prophet Muhammad himself (see his biography in the Sira of Ibn Hisham). When you go to those two sources, you will find the violence which engenders so much of the violence we are witnessing today. This is not the case for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a book of peace modelled by the ‘prince of peace’…truly the book and the man for our day.

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