069-Is the Norwegian Killer-Anders Breivik-a Fundamentalist Christian?

Jay Smith at Speakers Corner

Published on Jul 25, 2011 by Pfander Films

On Friday, July 22nd a Norwegian man named Anders Breivik killed over 90 young people at a Norwegian Labour Party Youth camp, after having blown up a bomb in downtown Oslo. News programs around the world quickly called Mr. Breivik a ‘Christian Fundamentalist’ and began denouncing the violence they believed was endemic within Christianity. Alan Craig and Jay Smith went down to Speaker’s Corner on Sunday the 24th and confronted the notion that this man was a ‘Christian Fundamentalist’. The Muslims, as was expected, quickly denounced the violence of Christianity and tried to push themselves into the discussion by putting up their own ladder. Watch the video of that encounter and decide for yourself whether indeed the fundamentals of Christianity do allow for the atrocities we witnessed in Norway on Friday, July 22nd.

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