044-Sir Salman Rushdie, why he deserves his knighthood

Jay Smith

Published on Jun 26, 2007 by Pfander Films

This video concerns the recent anger and call for violence by Muslims not only against Sir Salman, but against the people of Britain. Take for instance the religious affairs minister for Pakistan, Muhammad Ejaz ul-Haq, who stated last week that, “because of this knighthood suicide bombing could now be justified”, while closer to home, Lord Ahmed of Rotherham, claimed that Salman Rushdie “has blood on his hands”.

This is blatant censorship of the worst kind, calling for violence against Sir Salman and against the good people of Britain, and it needs to stop! Sir Salman is not receiving his knighthood because of his novel ‘Satanic Verse’, but because of his more literary work, ‘Midnight’s Children’, which was awarded the Booker Prize in 1981, and then recognized as the best piece of literature written in the past 25 years!

Yet, even if it were being awarded for his service to the freedom of Speech, it would be well deserved, since Muslims uniquely call incessantly for censorship of anyone who dares to criticize their prophet or their Qur’an, and there are too few individuals willing to publicly confront these taboos imposed on our society by Muslims the world over.

Muslims need to be careful of their head-long drive for censorship, since in doing so they risk destroying ‘Youtube’ which is becoming the greatest vehicle as the purveyor of knowledge, and the repository of critical debate for truth, including religious truth. If Islam refuses to be criticized, than it is not worthy of a world religion, nor of a faith which claims universal truth, and must be discarded as another ideology, like Communism, which came and went.

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