022-Jesus, same as but better than the Qur’an as the Word of God

Jay Smith

Published on Dec 15, 2006 by Pfander Films

Muslims were overjoyed to hear me say that the Bible, and in particular the New Testament was not the Word of God, as they defined it, but a book similar to their traditions. They rejoiced too early! Had they listened carefully they would have heard me say that our Word of God, using their definition, is Jesus Christ. Now let’s do a comparison between the two Words of God, one the Qur’an, the other Jesus Christ. Both claim to be eternal, the Qur’an in Sura 85:22, Jesus in John 1:1-4, 14. Yet, we know that the Qur’an was compiled in a period of 22 years between 610-632 AD, and outside of Sura 85:22, there is no other reference that it existed any earlier. Jesus is co-eternal with God, is God, and pre-existed before even Abraham (John 8:58), the co-creator of all that is. Jesus is perfect, even the Qur’an admits that in Sura 19:19; while the Qur’an is anything but perfect, riddled with over 200 contradictions, and replete with errors (I will be dealing with these in future videos). Jesus is our universal paradigm, relevant for all times and all peoples, while the Qur’an is primarily for the Arabs, really only understood in their language, and only in their context. Jesus is personal, prophesied in Isaiah 7:14 that he would come from a virgin, and be ‘Emmanual’, God with us, which he did 2,000 years ago; while the Qur’an is anything but personal, just a book, cold, formal and distant. What’s more you cannot criticize the word of Allah, and to do so is a capital offence in many countries today (see the 295-C law in Pakistan for instance); while Jesus was criticized, beaten, crucified, and has been continually abused, even today. We allow it, as does He Himself, for that is why He came. And that brings us to the final comparison, the role of God’s Word. For Islam your word of god is a book to bring about submission and obedience. For Christianity, our Word of God is a person, who came to die for us, sacrificing His life so that we could be in eternal relationship with Him. Your word demands that you die for your god, while our Word, Jesus, came to die for us. In the end, there’s really no comparison.

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