019-Is The Qur’an Corrupted?: Biblical Characters in the Qur’an

Jay Smith

Published on Nov 28, 2006 by Pfander Films

Biblical Characters in the Qur’an are not the same as those found in the Bible itself. When we look a little deeper, using source criticism, we find that they can mostly be traced back to either Jewish apocryphal writings, or Christian sectarian writings from the 2nd – 5th centuries, all written after the Bible had been compiled and canonized. For most of the stories we know who wrote them, when, and even in some cases why. They certainly have no divine origins, all written by finite human beings, and often simply for entertainment. Had the compilers of the Qur’an done their homework correctly, they would have gone to the authentic Biblical accounts, written far earlier, closer to the events they describe, and therefore far more authoritative. What we come away with is not a book which was sent down from Allah via the angel Gabriel to a man named Muhammad, but just another compilation of fables, myths and legends, nothing more, and certainly not on par with the Bible.

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