017-Re-Have Verses been added to the New Testament & the Qur’an

Jay Smith

Published on Nov 17, 2006 by Pfander Films

Abdallah and Issa claim that there are many verse which have been added to the Bible, or more specifically, the New Testament; namely, John 7:53 — 8:11; 1 John. 5:7-8; and Mark 16:9-20. This is true, we don’t hide from it; look at the newest translations, they certainly admit this fact, yet we keep those verses in the New Testament, for tradition’s sake, and because there is no new doctrine in these later ‘scribal accretions’ (outside of 1 John 5:7-8, where the newer translations return to the original rendering of those two verses). But the same can be said of the Qur’an. According to al-Bukhari 6:509 — 510, Zaid ibn Thabit had to “re-write” the Qur’an, 18-20 years after Muhammad’s death, and then burn all of the existing manuscripts which disagreed with the final version. Dr. Arthur Jeffries has researched the many references to the compilation of the Qur’an in the Islamic Traditions and has found there were many ‘original’ Qur’ans, four in particular, each made popular in the cities of Medina, Damascus, Baghdad, and Basra, and none of them agreeing completely. Thank goodness we don’t have these problems with our New Testament. We don’t have to burn our manuscripts, or excuse the variances which exist. We know when and why they happened, something Muslims cannot say concerning their Qur’an.

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