006-Rules of Engagement

Jay Smith

Published on Oct 17, 2006 by Pfander Films

The first few videos I have posted have generated a great response. I will do my best to reply to the good quality comments, but due to the fact that the responses have been overwhelming, I have entrusted the bulk of the replies to my good Christian friends, who have so far proved their ability and eloquence time and again.
Please try to keep your comments on an academic level. It does not help the debate when people start throwing diatribes and insults against my character, as it merely tarnishes the image of the person posting. It is great that you are passionate, so let’s retain that passion, but without the insults. Also please try to avoid going off the topic. If you disagree with what I say or believe me to be wrong, please tell me and if you can, source your argument. Then we can have a proper debate. If you want me to address a certain issue, why not post a video response to this video. DO NOT JUST POST PROPAGANDA VIDEOS as some people have. I will not accept these videos as responses. Present your own arguments, and again…let’s stick to the topics.

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