The Theological Debate

Islam and the Person of Christ  New!
W. D. Short

A Comparison of the Biblical and Islamic Views of the States of Christ  New!
Part 1: The State of Humiliation (i)
Part 1: The State of Humiliation (ii)
Part 2: The State of Exaltation
Gerry Redman

The Council of Nicaea: Purposes and Themes  New!
Anthony N. S. Lane

An Explanation of the Unipersonality of Christ for Muslims  New!
Gerry Redman

The Names and Titles of Christ in Islam and the Bible  New!
Gerry Redman

A Christian reads the Qur'an
An interpretation of the Qur'an is from a Christian's perspective. L. M. Abdallah

The Messiah  
Who is the Messiah? A conversation between a Muslim and a Christian. L. M. Abdallah

The 'I AM' sayings prove Jesus to be Divine
L. M. Abdallah

An Explanation of the Trinity for Muslims
Gerry Redman

The Compilation of the Text of the Qur’an and the Sunni-Shia Dispute
Antoin MacRuaidh

The Attitude of the Qur’an and Sunnah to the Christian Scriptures
Antoin MacRuaidh

But Wasn't Jesus a Muslim?
The transcript of a talk given by Peter Saunders, Student Secretary of the UK Christian Medical Fellowship, at Manchester University. Peter Saunders

Qur'anic Introduction: The Qur'an Itself
A brief overview of the orthodox Islamic view of the Qur'an and why it has such a place of devotion and awe in the hearts and minds of Muslims. Keith Small

The Qur'an's view of Christians: Sincere or Sinister?
A Qur'anic study of Muslims' attitudes to Christians. Keith Small

Jesus in the Qur'an
A look at what the Qur'an says about Jesus. Keith Small

The Hermeneutical Key
A brief analysis of fourteen areas which Islam and Christianity share in common, asking why and how we differ, and what the key to understanding is. Jay Smith

Mutual Misconceptions
Christian Misconceptions about Islam and Muslim Misconceptions about Christianity. Keith Small

An internal look at the prophet Muhammad, assuming that the Muslim traditions are correct, asking how we then as Christians assess him as a prophet? Jay Smith

The Biography of Muhammad
A synopsis of the debate on Muhammad's biography, especially in the current setting. Jay Smith

Six Muslim Beliefs (Iman) and a Christian's Response
A Christian rebuttal to the Muslim's "Statement of Faith." Jay Smith

Who Founded Christianity - Jesus or Paul?
A response to the accusation that Paul and not Jesus was the founder of Christianity. Jay Smith

Tawhid: Belief in One God
A description and definition of the Biblical concept of the Trinity, followed by answering many of the accusations Muslims pose to this doctrine. Jay Smith and Dr. Paul Blackham

Who is the Messiah ("Al-Masihu-Isa")?
An introduction to Muslims, who share with us this title for Jesus (but without any definition), and the significance of such a title. Jay Smith

The Virgin Birth of Jesus and its Significance
Describing the significance of the Virgin birth, a belief Islam shares with us, but with little understanding. Jay Smith

The Evidence for the Resurrection
An apologetical paper which looks at the significance and evidence we now have for the historicity of the resurrection. Jay Smith

Debate Topics