Right to Reply

Your Right to Reply

Although this is a Christian web site, with an editorial board composed entirely of Christians, we believe that Muslims have a right to reply to anything published on this site. We are prepared to give free web space to suitable articles from Muslim contributors, subject to the guidelines listed below.

Please note that if your article is already on the web, we would prefer to submit a link to it in the links section rather than mirror it on this site. This is so that we can make the best use of our available space and give a voice to those Muslim contributors who would otherwise not have a web presence.

Every article submitted will receive an acknowledgement, even if we decide not to publish it. We cannot enter into lengthy discussions on specific topics. If you want a more interactive environment in which to discuss a something, please see the Discussion page for details of suitable newsgroups and email lists.

Article 4 - "Though much of what you contend with about the Quran and Muhammad is grotesquely inaccurate and truly absurd..."

Article 3 - "I have a question regarding the quote below..."

Article 2 - "In the name of God, the most Gracious, the most Merciful. The Koran does not contradict the Bible brother..."

Article 1 - "Dear Brother, you have a wonderful God given talent of 'inconclusive research...'"

Submission guidelines

If you want to submit a new article, or an article dealing with an existing topic, please note the following guidelines:

  1. All submissions will be read and reviewed, and you will receive a personal reply by email as soon as is practicable.

  2. Articles must be spell-checked and sent in plain ascii as a text-file attachment to an email. Do not send existing HTML documents - these will be automatically rejected.

  3. Please do not do any HTML coding to your articles - we will do this for those articles that are accepted. If you want certain words or phrases to contain a hyperlink, please give the hyperlink before and after the word(s) concerned.

  4. Please do not use abusive, disrespectful or aggressive language.

  5. Please only include a minimum of quoted text - certainly not more than 30%.

  6. Please keep the length of your article to the minimum necessary to present your case.

  7. Please email your article.

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