“Is the Qur’an the Word of God?”

99 Truth Papers Hyde Park Christian Fellowship Jay Smith 3rd June 1996 Introduction The Problems with the Islamic Traditions The Sources Late Dates Writing Age Scripts Credibility Contradictions Similarities Proliferation Isnad Storytelling An … [Read more...]

The Virgin Birth of Jesus: Its Significance

99 Truth Papers Hyde Park Christian Fellowship Jay Smith April 1997 Introduction There are certain theological concepts or words which we share in common with the Muslims, though the meanings which we attach to them differ substantially, and even contradict completely with that which … [Read more...]

Jesus in the Qur’an

Introduction The Qur'an treats Jesus as a very important figure. It gives him a greater number of honourable titles than any other figure in the past. It calls him a 'sign', a 'mercy', a 'witness', an 'example' one who is upright, one who is eminent, and 'one brought nigh unto God' . It gives him … [Read more...]

The Qur’an’s view of Christians:

Sincere or Sinister? Why are Muslims so hesitant to listen to Christians? Why are Christian views and arguments so often dismissed without any real consideration? Why do Muslims seem appreciative of Christian virtues and piety, yet refuse to consider Christian truth? Before one looks for … [Read more...]

Qur’anic Introduction

The Qur'an itself I. Introduction In this time I am going to give a brief overview of the orthodox Islamic view of the Qur'an and, in addition to this I want to concentrate on why it has such a place of devotion and awe in the hearts and minds of Muslims. It is easy for us as outsiders to treat … [Read more...]