Mutual Misconceptions

Christian Misconceptions About Islam and Muslim Misconceptions About Christianity Keith Small     Introduction All of us know the personal hurt of being misunderstood. It is all the more tragic when misunderstandings and misconceptions are elevated to national and … [Read more...]

The Secular Experience of God

by Kenneth Cragg Published by Gracewing - Christian Mission and Modern Culture Series 1998 (74pp) Reviewed by Jenny James As a missionary-theologian and possibly Britain's most creative Islamicist, Cragg is well-placed to describe how the three major Abrahamic religions do and might … [Read more...]

When Fear is a Crime

By Jenny James - March 1997 Stereotyping Islam should be made a criminal offence, says a new report. The Runnymede Trust, a liberal think-tank on race relations says the British so hate Muslims and Islam as they perceive them that both need special protection in law. The report - a … [Read more...]

When the Liberal Conscience Fails

By-line: JENNY JAMES This article originally appeared in "The Third Way", March 1996 Discrimination on grounds of religion is wrong, most Christians would agree. No-one should be victimised because of their beliefs. But is it as simple as that? A new booklet was published in May 1996 by … [Read more...]

Criminalise Religious Discrimination, Say Muslims

Part II Byline: JENNY JAMES Originally appeared in "The Christian Herald" 10th February 1996 Q-News, Europe's influential first Muslim Weekly newspaper, is campaigning for new legislation to make 'religious discrimination' a crime. The paper, with other Muslim groups, believes … [Read more...]