Mutual Misconceptions

Christian Misconceptions About Islam and Muslim Misconceptions About Christianity Keith Small     Introduction All of us know the personal hurt of being misunderstood. It is all the more tragic when misunderstandings and misconceptions are elevated to national and … [Read more...]

Jesus in the Qur’an

Introduction The Qur'an treats Jesus as a very important figure. It gives him a greater number of honourable titles than any other figure in the past. It calls him a 'sign', a 'mercy', a 'witness', an 'example' one who is upright, one who is eminent, and 'one brought nigh unto God' . It gives him … [Read more...]

The Qur’an’s view of Christians:

Sincere or Sinister? Why are Muslims so hesitant to listen to Christians? Why are Christian views and arguments so often dismissed without any real consideration? Why do Muslims seem appreciative of Christian virtues and piety, yet refuse to consider Christian truth? Before one looks for … [Read more...]

But Wasn’t Jesus a Muslim?

Peter Saunders This is the transcript of a talk given by Peter Saunders, Student Secretary of the UK Christian Medical Fellowship, at Manchester University on Tuesday 24th February 1998. I didn't choose the title of this talk and you may think it strange even to ask the question 'wasn't … [Read more...]

Insights Into Islam

From The Way of Righteousness, Appendix D Muslims are My Friends With so much media attention given to radical, violent Muslim groups, we need to remind ourselves that most Muslims are friendly, hospitable, peace-loving people. They are our neighbors and our friends. In general, I feel … [Read more...]