The Council of Nicaea: Purposes and Themes

Anthony N. S. Lane In tackling this theme we will consider first the sources that are available to us concerning the Council of Nicaea, secondly the purpose for the calling of the council (looking especially at the events which led up to the council), thirdly the events of the council … [Read more...]

Uncomfortable Questions for the Qur’an

Apologetic Paper by Jay Smith - 14th May 1995 Contents Muslim Claims for the Qur'an Disturbing Questions Do we have the Uthmanic Recension? What do archeology and the external documents tell us? Qibla Jews Mecca Dome on the … [Read more...]

A New Chronology

Synopsis of David Rohl's book "A Test of Time" by John Fulton The concept of time for us today is taken to be an absolute unchangeable system. We measure time from the fixed point of Christ's birth so that this is the one thousand, nine hundred and ninety-seventh year since he was born. The … [Read more...]

Does the Bible or the Qur’an have stronger historical corroboration?

The Qur'an Does the Bible or the Qur’an have stronger historical corroboration? How would you support your argument, using specific examples? Apologetic Paper (Joseph Smith) - May 1995 Contents Introduction The Authority of the Qur'an The Revelation of the Qur'an The … [Read more...]

The Exclusion of the Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsular

Walter Short Introduction Undoubtedly, one barrier to improved Christian-Muslim relations is the prohibition on the existence of free and public Christian worship, especially with respect to religious buildings, in the Arabian Peninsula. The Saudi Government claims it enforces this ban in … [Read more...]