The Attitude of the Qur’an and Sunnah to the Christian Scriptures

Antoin MacRuaidh 1. Introduction Islam is a prophetic-revelatory religion whose faith and practice centres on its holy book, the Qur'an. Muslims believe that there have been one hundred and four revelatory books - ten to Adam, fifty to Seth, thirty to Enoch, ten to Abraham, one to Moses, one … [Read more...]

The Seven Deadly Questions of Islam

1. 'Your Bible has been corrupted.' It is fruitless to try to share the Gospel with a Muslim who thinks that the Bible has been corrupted, since even if he was persuaded to reject the Qur'an, he would never accept the implications of the Bible until he was sure that it was authentic. Bear in mind … [Read more...]

The Son of Man

A Study in a title of Jesus Many Muslims have profound problems with the identity of Jesus. It has been supposed that there is very little evidence in the Bible to substantiate the Christian belief that Jesus is God. Any Christian who has spent much time talking to Muslims will no doubt have … [Read more...]

Muslims and the Crucifixion

By Toby Jepson Introduction Most Muslims deny that Jesus was ever crucified. I hope in this paper to examine and evaluate some of the reasons that are given in support of this assertion. Claims such as this are usually made for one of two reasons: either there is factual evidence, or … [Read more...]