The Social Attraction of Islam and a Christian Response

Apologetic Paper (Joseph Smith) - May 1995 Contents Introduction An attraction to Islam: its social laws A Christian response Social Laws Priesthood Women's Issues Peace Law Conclusion A: Introduction Let me ask you a rather astonishing question. If you … [Read more...]

Six Muslim Beliefs (Iman) and a Christian’s Response

For a Muslim Enquirer Apologetic Paper by Jay Smith (with help and advice from Marietta and Joe Smith) - May 1995 Contents A preliminary discussion, using a Muslim's criteria, on the Six Beliefs (Iman) Belief in One God (Allah) Belief in the Prophets Belief in the Holy … [Read more...]

But Wasn’t Jesus a Muslim?

Peter Saunders This is the transcript of a talk given by Peter Saunders, Student Secretary of the UK Christian Medical Fellowship, at Manchester University on Tuesday 24th February 1998. I didn't choose the title of this talk and you may think it strange even to ask the question 'wasn't … [Read more...]

A Christian reads the Qur`ân

L. M. Abdallah Original Swedish title: En Kristen läser Koranen Translated by Adrian De Almeida Foreword The interpretation of the Qur`ân is: from my perspective as a Christian. The aim of the study is: to make the characters, teachings and events of the Qur`ân easily … [Read more...]

The Names and Titles of Christ in Islam and the Bible

Gerry Redman Contents Introduction A. The Biblical View Lord Jesus Christ Son of David Son of God Son of Man Servant of the Lord Prophet Word of God Priest Saviour B. The Islamic View 'Isa Bin … [Read more...]