Who is the Messiah (“Al-Masihu-Isa”)?

Apologetic Paper (Joseph Smith) - May 1995 Contents Introduction Equal to the Prophets Different from the Prophets Superior to the Prophets Son of God Was Jesus the Messiah? The two comings of the Messiah Suffering Servant Eternal Lord of … [Read more...]

Tawhid: Belief in One God

Apologetic Paper (Joseph Smith) - May 1995 Contents Introduction The Muslim View The Christian Response What the Scriptures say The history of the word 'Trinity' 'Trinity' defined Common misconceptions Can 1+1+1=1? Is Jesus not merely human? The ignobility of God's … [Read more...]

Mutual Misconceptions

Christian Misconceptions About Islam and Muslim Misconceptions About Christianity Keith Small     Introduction All of us know the personal hurt of being misunderstood. It is all the more tragic when misunderstandings and misconceptions are elevated to national and … [Read more...]

The Hermeneutical Key (Genesis 3:8-9)

Apologetic Paper (Joseph Smith) - May 1995 Contents Introduction Finding the Hermeneutical Key The Garden of Eden Applying the Hermeneutical Key God Trinity Humanity Sin Revelation The Incarnation The Cross / Atonement Predestination Theocracy Jihad The … [Read more...]

The Attitude of the Qur’an and Sunnah to the Christian Scriptures

Antoin MacRuaidh 1. Introduction Islam is a prophetic-revelatory religion whose faith and practice centres on its holy book, the Qur'an. Muslims believe that there have been one hundred and four revelatory books - ten to Adam, fifty to Seth, thirty to Enoch, ten to Abraham, one to Moses, one … [Read more...]