Now that we have carried out a cursory study of the historicity for both the Qur'an and the Bible, it is important that we make some conclusions. What can we say concerning the veracity of these two scriptures in light of the evidence produced by the manuscript, document and archeological data at … [Read more...]

The Bible’s Archaeological Evidence

(1900=Abraham, 1700=Joseph, 1447=Moses, 1000=David): What has become evident over the last few decades is that unlike the difficulties found with the Qur'anic evidence, the most fruitful area for a confirmation of the Bible's reliability has come from the field of archaeology, for it is here that … [Read more...]

The Bible’s Documentary Evidence

(1900=Abraham, 1700=Joseph, 1447=Moses, 1000=David) The documentary evidence for the reliability of the Bible has been an area of research which has been increasing rapidly over the last few decades. But this hasn't always been so. The assumption by many former archaeologists was that the Old … [Read more...]

The Bible’s Manuscript Evidence

Unlike the Qur'an, when we consider the New Testament manuscripts (MSS) we are astounded by the sheer numbers of extent copies which are in existence. Muslims contend, however, that since we do not have the original documents, the reliability of the copies we do have is thus in doubt. Yet is this … [Read more...]

Evidence for the Resurrection

99 Truth Papers Hyde Park Christian Fellowship Jay Smith April 1997 Introduction The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead has always been a contentious area of discussion with the world. It is this event which has drawn the most criticism from the skeptics; and for very good … [Read more...]