Purpose statement

Welcome to The Debate web site!

This site is owned by the Hyde Park Christian fellowship – an informal network of Christian researchers in the UK, whose primary interest is the academic study of all issues relevant to Islam and Christianity.

This site provides a repository for articles and papers of particular interest to the UK situation, but which will also be useful to those elsewhere. It aims to stimulate genuine debate between Christians and Muslims on a wide range of topics. We make a careful distinction between dialogue and debate. While both are equally important, we feel that dialogue in itself is only a preparation for debate.

It is important to listen carefully and to learn about the beliefs of another religion. Such dialogue is rare, but it is a vital preparatory step. Once this dialogue is underway, it needs to develop into something more than just a sharing of personal views. Given that Christianity and Islam share much common background, and that each makes its own (often competing) truth-claims, there comes a point where debate is necessary and right.

For example, Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and the second person of the Trinity. Muslims, while affording him great respect, regard him as a prophet – one of a line of prophets, the last of whom was Mohammed. These two truth claims are mutually exclusive and it is the duty of Muslims and Christians alike to ‘argue their case’, honestly but with respect for the humanity and integrity of their counterparts. This site aims to facilitate this process.

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The debate site has broken much new ground in the past, particularly in terms of facilitating a one-to-one correspondence between Muslims and Christians. We take Muslims seriously, and acknowledge their right to argue their case. To this end we are prepared to give free web space for suitable articles from Muslim contributors if such articles genuinely foster intelligent debate between both parties. (If you might be interested in submitting an article for consideration, please see the Contact Us page).

Thank you for visiting the Debate Web Site – we hope that it will help you to “… prepare your minds for action…” (1 Peter 1:13).